Make Your Life More Environmentally Friendly with These Tips!

Sustainable Steps

Being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to give up everything in your life; it simply means using resources better to ensure we have enough for the future. We will always require some resources to live comfortably such as fuels for energy however we can all make small changes which will help preserve the environment!

Cut down the waste – Waste comes in all different shapes and sizes, and is an ever increasing problem for everyone. We have become a throw away nation and are increasingly sending perfectly good resources to landfill. There are loads of ways to reduce, re-use and recycle items to avoid landfill, many are fun and practical.

Buy local and in smaller quantities – Buying local can help you reduce food waste as you buy what you need on a daily basis. It can be tempting to buy a big bag of fruit, however how many times have you found you throw away the contents? Buying what you need each day can also save you money in the long run.

Don’t buy extra packaging – A lot of products we buy have excess packaging attached; cardboard sleeves, boxes and plastic wrapping. A lot of the time, the price you pay for the products includes the price for this excess packaging. Getting items with no packaging saves resources, on waste and cash in your pocket.

Up-cycle and recycle – Old items can be new items with a bit of creativity. If you have something a bit old and tired don’t throw it away, take some time and transform it in to something unique. If you can’t do anything with your stuff, make sure it is recycled in the right way.

Useful Websites
Recycle Now

Use less energy – Everyday electrical items and technology are becoming increasingly energy efficient. However the number of items per person has increased significantly which has resulted in more energy use, not less! Ensure energy is not wasted by turning off all electrical items which are no longer needed or when you leave a room for a longer period.

Turn down the heating – A quick way to save lots of energy is to turn down the thermostat in your house to a heating level around 21C. Reducing heating temperatures by 1C can save 10%. Another key way to save energy is to turn down radiator valves in rooms which are unoccupied.

Useful Websites
Energy Saving Trust
Carbon Calculator

Travel a greener way – There are a number of ways to get from A to B, however the most loved form is by car. The number of cars on the road has increased significantly over the last 2 decades, which has also seen an increase in the amount of pollution released into the air. Traveling by other forms such as by bus and train can decrease the amount going into the atmosphere compared to traveling by car. Walking, running and cycling are even better ways to travel and can improve your health.


We as the Union have identified our top 5 negative environmental impacts

1. Computer switch off- working with the university to set up certain user computer shut downs.

2. Air flow within the Academy over working- new vent cleaning schedule in place.

3. Majority of Union staff travel large distances by car to campus.

4. We run the Union from 8am until 4am most days so we have very minimal whole Union power shut downs.

5. Paper usage is still quite high, finance has moved to online pay slips however still using paper for money and time sheets.

Solutions: Sustainibility SMART Action Plan

How We're Already Making a Difference

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Brunel Environmental & Ethics Officer

Watch this space to see what Ana gets up to next academic year in her role!

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