Here at Brunel, student media is run by students for students.

Le Nurb encompasses the student newspaper, video and radio.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Student Media, with the newly refurbished Media suite, media training and a new team ready to make it more engaging and representative. Le Nurb does everything from delivering front-page Student led stories to creating a hilarious series of Radio sketches. This past year the Le Nurb were short listed for 3 awards by the Student Publication Association (SPA); covered the top events of the year; the radio station introduced some great new student shows and they came together to provide live coverage of Varsity from start to finish. Each section of the media has its own team, made up of student volunteers. The volunteers gain great experience for their CV and can build a portfolio of work for when they graduate. This is the best time to get involved with student media! Whether it's being part of a team or contributing, we want you to be part of Le Nurb.

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