Health and Support


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key factor in your general wellbeing, happiness and performance in both academic and everyday tasks.

Taking care of yourself may seem easy but it is fairly common for people to find the university lifestyle affecting them in ways that they hadn't anticipated.

It is easy to let things slip and fall into bad habits; not eating properly, not exercising regularly, drinking too much or having bad sleeping patterns can all take their toll on your energy levels or general health and leave you feeling under the weather or more prone to illness than usual.

If you are not well, regardless whether you are suffering from physical or mental health problems- it is vital to act without any delay. If you get better quickly, without intervention, it’s great but occasionally things get worse and timely assistance may help you to stay on course.

University regulations stipulate that students should notify their College about circumstances which affect their academic performance in a timely manner. That normally means as soon as possible- please read our Extenuating Circumstances Guide for full information.

The Happiness Project

Addiction Recovery Community Hillingdon

Nightline UK

Nightline is a confidential listening, support, and practical information service for students. Brunel Students can talk to Nightline, run by other students, about anything – big or small – in complete confidence. We won’t judge you or tell you how to run your life: we’ll simply listen to whatever is on your mind.

All our volunteers are students themselves, who have undergone extensive training and who understand that university life isn’t always plain sailing.

Find out how to contact Nightline here.