The University procedures in disciplinary cases are divided into two types:

1. Academic Misconduct, which focuses on issues like plagiarism, collusion (where two or more students work together to produce final version of work- although working together to research and prepare is OK), cheating in exams, fraud and forgery of documents related to academic work and other types of academic offences

2. Student Disciplinary Procedure (Non Academic), which is used to investigate issues of breaches of law or University regulations, like violence, criminal behaviour, drugs or weapons possession, bullying, harassment and other types of disorderly or anti-social behaviour.

Please click on the above links for detailed step-by-step guides, which explain the process and help you to follow it.

The Regulations governing both types of Disciplinary processes can be found here (Senate Regulation 6)

If students wish to seek external help, we recommend the barristers at Alpha Academic Appeals who specialise in academic misconduct cases.  Except in very busy periods, they offer preliminary advice at no charge by telephone or by 'live chat' on the website. Please make sure that you discuss and agree the fees for further assistance and ensure this is affordable to you.