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We have created a glossary filled with terms which will help you understand Black History Month and the issues black students and staff are faced with every day. These terms will allow you to be more conscious, and to think about your actions. 


Have any of you experience any of these terms?


Institutional racism: Refers to how racism was enshrined in systems at every level of society & affects people of colour in all aspects of their lives.


Anti-blackness: Refers to the oppression specifically against black people that includes the devaluation of Black lives, causing violence against black people etc


Cultural appropriation: The act of taking fashion, music & other trends from another culture by a dominant culture, for example wearing Halloween costumes depicting indigenous people.


White privilege: Which refers to a set of advantages & or immunities from which white people benefit on a regular basis beyond those common to others.


Affirmative Action: Refers to an action or policy favouring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education.


Cognitive Dissonance: Which occurs when a person is holding onto contradictory ideas simultaneously (e.g. espousing freedom for all while demonstrably supporting practices that oppose that.


Covert Racism: Is a form of racial discrimination that is disguised, hidden and subtle.


Colourism: Refers to the prejudice or discrimination against individuals based on the darkness of their skin.


Microaggressions Are indirect or unintentional expressions of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism and LBGT+ identity. The comments may be well-intended but can make the individual feel uncomfortable and unsafe. For example, saying your name is so hard to pronounce is not acceptable.