What are the Union of Brunel Student elections


Welcome to the Union of Brunel Students' 2021 Autumn Elections! Whether you are interested in running for election, voting or just finding out more about how it all works you've come to the right place. These pages will continue to be updated as the elections progress and some pages (like the voting page) will only become available once we get to a certain date.


If you want to vote in our elections click VOTE. Make sure you are logged in to your student account or you will not be able to vote or see candidates and feature of the elections section of the website may not work.


If you want to know more about the roles available in these elections, click on ROLES.


If you want to nominate yourself to run in the upcoming elections, click on NOMINATE.


If you want to see who's running in these elections, click CANDIDATES.


And if you want to see the elections handbook or check the rules click on HANDBOOK or RULES.

To submit you material for printing click here:  https://brunelstudents.com/elections/stand/prepare/candidate_printing/





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