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The Union is here to make a difference! We're able to do this because we're led by students just like you, we're built to listen and seek out your views and opinions, and concerns, and wishes. When we say democracy we mean opportunity for you to contribute to our plans, to convince others that your idea should be taken up, to pull together like-minded people and work together to change things for the better. And when we say Elections? Well, Elections are how we keep ourselves current and engaged with Brunel students - and for you that could mean being a candidate seeking to win an election... or it could mean choosing who you want to speak on your behalf next year, by voting.

Whatever it is, make sure you're part of it. Whether that means ensuring you have the resources and facilities to study when and how you want or providing the opportunity to try that sport you've always thought could be for you, the Union is here to help. Whether its helping you understand what that formal letter actually means to your career, or providing the opportunity to speak out against injustice, the Union is here to help.


What are the elections?

Elections are a democratic process where students have the opportunity to stand for Positions within the Students’ Union, with the aim of representing the views of students to the relevant bodies. They happen throughout the academic year, and Students are able to vote in the election for their preferred representatives.

To do this we’re student-driven, led by democratically elected positions, and supported by over 30 full-time staff. We have elections to ensure that those people representing the views of students are the people you as students feel best to represent you. They also allow us to have a student leadership team to take a lead on projects and campaigns, ensuring your issues are being acted upon effectively.

When do they happen?

Elections happen throughout the Academic year:

  • In Spring we elect our Full-time Officers, Executive Committee, Liberation Officers and also Club and Society Committees

  • In Autumn we elect our Student Assembly members, NUS delegates and Student Reps

We also hold By-elections during the year to fill any empty posts

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