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“The Union exists to ensure that every Brunel student has the opportunity to enjoy, challenge, influence and benefit from all aspects of their studies and the wider student experience.” 


We do this by running Elections where students nominate themselves for roles as both Full-Time and Part-Time Officers, Student Reps and the committees of Clubs and Societies to ensure that our work is always led by our membership. 


If you’re passionate about improving life here at Brunel, then you should run for a role – but you should also vote for who leads us. Every member of the Union has a vote and by getting involved, you are making our voice louder. 


We hold a number of elections during the year, the first being in Autumn where we elect our Student Assembly Members, NUS Delegates and Student Reps and in the Spring where we elect our Full-Time and Part-Time Officers, Executive Committee, Liberation Officers and our Club and Society Committees. 


If you’d like to know more about running in our elections, check out our Candidate Guide (Coming Soon!) and if you’d like to see the results of previous elections then you can check them out here. 




  • Nominations Period - 16/09/2019, 9AM - 10/10/2019, 4PM

  • Voting - 15/10/2019, 10AM - 17/10/2019, 4PM 

  • The Results - 17/10/2019, Late Evening 


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