Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences



Hello my name is James Cantwell and I'm a Third Year Military History Student and current President of Brunel Raise and Give. I am standing to be your next VP CBASS as I know I have the experience, dedication and knowledge to improve students’ lives at Brunel. I will fight for you from Rent Reductions to a larger and more accessible online Brunel Library. At the end of the day I have been fighting for Brunel Students for the past 3 years if elected that is exactly what I will continue to do and I know we can achieve this together and improve the experience for all CBASS students.



Key Pledges:


1. Posting Brunel Library books to off campus students free of charge and more E-books accessible online

2. Take a voluntary pay cut of £5000 to fund projects supporting Brunel Students 

3. Fight for Rent and Tuition fee reductions for all students 

4. Funding pool for CBASS societies

5. Generous Laptop borrowing scheme for CBASS student's entire time studying at Brunel regardless whether they are on campus or not.




Check out my manifesto: 


Helping All Students 

  • Greater advertisement of existing study space
  • Lobby the university to increase its funding to mental health and support services
  • Beginning of a regular Inter college sports competition and CBASS academic competition both with cash prizes
  • Creation of an Brunel International College Social Support Group
  • Lobbying Chartwells to allow certain outside food stalls onto campus. i.e. the Jamaican Food Stall
  • Lobby the university and the union to provide out of hours services to CBASS students and eventually all students. Such as TPO, student centre and reception services

Helping our Community

  • Transformation of society/club and union finance into an easy to access online system.
  • Improving and completely redesigning the union website  
  • Continuing to ensure the union is politically neutral and represents all students
  • Lobby the university for more union involvement in the appointment process of university staff that engage with students
  • Establish a CBASS Society Group to communicate feedback on how better the union and the university can support our colleges societies
  • Allocation of a new Mature Students Common Room

Helping us 

  • Hong Kong scholarship program aimed at helping people come to study in CBASS from Hong Kong
  • UK Cultural History week celebrating the nations that make up the UK. English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh
  • Increased Accountability for Brunel Student Lettings and increased representation for lettings students
  • Hillingdon Gurkha Scholarship Fund to support the local Nepalese Community study in CBASS
  • Creation of a Brunel History Day celebrating all the history of Brunel


Thank you for reading my manifesto and I hope you vote for me to carry on the good work of previous officers. If you have any questions please get in touch my details are below.

Voting is at 6am until 8pm on the 4th of March

Email –

Instagram -  @jc4cbass

Facebook – jc4cbass


Can’t go wrong with Cantwell




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