Candidate for the position of International Students Officer



Hi Everyone, I am Muhammad Saad from Pakistan  and I am aiming to be your next international student officer. I am from the Sophomore Batch, international student at the  Brunel University. Settling in as a new student away from home is quite Challenging and Exhausting as well. Considering and going through the same situation I want to be the torch bearer as a change agent to make our University more accessible, friendly and supportive for students from all over the globe. 


  1. Being an international student one of the most difficult task is to find accommodation. If I get elected, I want to work with the union to create better accommodation and housing advisory facilities so the students can easily explore approachable options. 


  1. Paying the fees for an international university is always hard for both parents and students. Especially during the current situation we are in. I want to work with the union and university to create easy fees installments plans primarily designed for international students. Moreover I want the international students to have access to more hardship funds, more scholarship opportunities and a reduced fees structure. 


  1. Living In another country away from family and friends takes a toll on mental health and induces lot of stress and depression. I'd like to make Brunel like home! I'd like to setup a multi-lingual mental health support system. This system can help students for emotional support and make them feel like home.


  1. As an international community I want us to have more events from different cultures and religions which will not only make everyone feel like home but will also help all of us to learn and indulge in different cultures. Making us ONE community at BRUNEL.


The most important  thing I want to do if I get elected is to work towards transparency in Operations AND Decisions of Brunel Student Union, so we all can feel a part of the system. Let's spread Love,  Hope and Unity! That's my aim and I hope you all will be with me



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