Candidate for the position of Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer

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Layla Ali

Im Layla Ali and Im running for Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer. I am an international student , ethnically from Sudan, Morocco, and Yemen, but born and raised in UAE. Currently a second year student majoring in International Politics.I have always believed to treat my peers the way i wanted to be treated as a person no matter the background, ideology or race. 

What motivated me to nominate myself for this position (again) is because i am determined to make the Black and ethnic minority population to feel like they are heard and their needs and/or wants are taken into account and hopefully executed. 

What I'll do once im BME officer:

- The spreading awareness of events that are happening to the Black And Ethnic Minority Population whether its in their homeland or on campus

- Try to team up with the VP of Student Activities and make cultural events that minorities can particpate in ( Following COVID-19 regulations)

- Host Zoom Calls to discuss and explain the importance of campaigning in the modern day world ( BLM, WorldWide refugee crisis, Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen, Uyghers Muslims & many more)

- Host zoom calls exclusivly for postgraduates to discuss how to enhance their final year in Brunel (whether its mental health, financial help , or just bettering social life during COVID)

- Address the importance of the wellbeing of every Black and Ethnic Minorities in the Student Union

- Liaise with NUS and extend their campaign to the students at Brunel, focusing on Black representation and Equal Education

- Promote diversity to on campus jobs

Vote for me to be your first Afro-Arab BME officer and trust me many more ideas to come!

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