Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences



Hi all ! 
My name is Twinkle and I am running to be your next VP CBASS officer this year . I am currently studying MSc Human Resource Management and also the Assembly Representative of Business School . I have always put student experience at the forefront that I have done and will continue to do so if elected . 
From my own experience as a Postgraduate student ,and from talking to others , more needs to be done to tackle the unique issues we face , which includes : Supervisory relationships , stress, excessive workload with bunched deadlines and lack of community due to the pandemic we are facing .I have mental health at the core of my campaign ensuring that actions are taken to improve their time at university both academically and socially. 
These problems are not just exclusive to postgraduates, they also impact undergraduate students as well . My manifesto is broken down into following key points : 

1. Increasing Postgraduate Visibility and Engagement : Postgraduate students often struggle with loneliness and a lack of community during their time at university due to their workload and other factors . I wish to engage more students at the union and work in collaboration to make things better .

2. Employbility : As the job market has gone tough so the career team needs to step up the level of support they provide to the students . I would like to set up a campaign for skill  awards so that students can attain awards and certificates in addition to their degree from the university. 
3. Mental Health: As we are passing through the pandemic and staying isolated many students are facing challenges with the studies and less involvement in social activities so want to create awareness about the help and care provided by the university . 
I hope I can count on your vote, I am more than happy to answer your questions you may have during the campaign just send your queries on my social media 


Instagram : @Twinkle_Jakhar

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