Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate




My name is Prajit Reddy Yeruva. I am a 2nd-year Business and Management student at the Brunel Business School. I am running for the role of NUS Delegate to support those motions which align with the views and concerns of the students at our university.

My Policies for the upcoming NUS National Conference:

  • Financial Help for Students: I will raise issues and participate in motions that focus on helping those students who are going through financial difficulties due to the pandemic and help the NUS lobby universities for a better, structured and fair system of maintenance grants.
  • Mental Health Help for Students: This pandemic is also affecting the mental health of students at universities. The helplines which are in place to help students with their mental health are very inefficient, this factor makes life even harder for those students who need help the most. If elected, I will take this issue as my primary objective to find a solution for at the NUS National Conference.
  • Level Academic field for Students: I will support and vote for motions that provide every student with an equal opportunity to learn during online education. I will help the NUS lobby universities to adopt the 'no detriment’ policy where they need to implement it.

It would be my honour to represent the students of Brunel University London at the NUS National Conference.

If you have any other concerns or issues for me to add to my agenda, please contact me at


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