Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences



Hello everyone, I am Sugandha Kapoor, and you can call me Sugu, I am running for the position of Vice President for the College of Business Arts and Social Sciences. I am an international student from India studying master’s in marketing. For the past year in covid and completing my studies online I have realized some of the issues where I think I can help out the university and all my fellow students to overcome these difficult times and improve the overall student experience at Brunel University. Spending most of my time in my accommodation along with my friends in lockdown, I recognized the main issues that we all were facing, which were mental health issues, financial hardships and competing with the deadlines for submission. Our student union is brilliant in so many ways, but I still think I can help improve the experience provided by it. I have devised certain strategies to overcome these problems if I am elected as your Vice President. Here are certain issues that I am going to face head on as soon as I am elected:


  • Students should be provided with unlimited free electronic credit for printing for each semester.
  • I will try to improve the quality of services provided to the student accommodations in the university.
  • I will work on organizing more workshops by the SU on topics such as plagiarism, essay writing, budgeting for books and fees and easy steps for search of online journals and resources.
  • Help enrich the experience of international students to accomplish a healthy student campus life.
  • Arrange for much better food & drinks facilities along with entertainment. 
  • Arrange for inter hall competition for the accommodation at our campus.
  • Regular polls to obtain student opinions so that the student body can obtain opinions and work accordingly.
  • Plan on reducing the tuition fees and rent.


We need a fresh approach that offers new solutions to old problems, and I’m confident that I can provide this. So, I ask you to vote for me so that I can try to help us all and ensure a much better year.


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