Candidate for the position of Disabled Students Officer



Dear Students

It breaks my heart when I hear about any of my colleagues facing difficulties in studying and educating themselves to the fullest of their potential due to circumstances beyond their control. I suffer from Macular Pucker (a presence of scar tissue in the eye) which causes blurred and distorted vision.

More about me :

  • Previous experience as a Class Representative during graduation
  • Experience of organizing large scale events like Indian Youth Conclave, Lit.Up and Google Cloud workshops by fn+ and RoboFest where the attendance was over 500 people
  • In touch with all students to help make online delivery of education understandable and accessible

I request your support to get elected as Disabled Students Officer. I assure you of the following :

  • Help students with any disability cope better with their study by helping form study groups and support groups
  • Help students with extension of deadlines and with extenuating circumstances
  • Help promote equality and fairness for all students with disabilities
  • Help converting disabilities into abilities by helping students achieve their goals

Tag Line : Help convert disabilities into abilities

Contact :

Email :

Phone : +91 76668 89666

Instagram : bad_bugsbunny

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