Candidate for the position of Women's Officer




Hi, my name is Daisy, and I am a second year Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences Student. I am running for Women’s Officer because I want to see action. I don’t just want my voice to be heard, I want the student body as a whole to steer the direction of change.

This role certainly isn't about ignoring the male view. I, like many others, want to eradicate discrimination and this gap that lingers in society. I want to challenge toxic attitudes and this requires support from everyone.

I truly believe in flexibility and encouragement with each problem and being an activist for a feminist network that branches beyond campus. To achieve this, working in partnership with the students and other Liberation Officers is key. I would keep campaigns and policies current and they will reflect on your present beliefs.

By leading campaigns which embrace the diversity of Brunel, we can celebrate and defend our rights. I will show consistency and commitment to our values to make our message even louder.

Outlined below are a number of my key proposals if I were to be elected as Women's officer. I hope you agree with the importance of the highlighted issues, but I am also interested in hearing other issues that you, as a student, are facing.



  • Creating a Women’s Forum

I want to develop an easy-access platform where students can discuss and educate others on issues they face on and off campus. Students also need an online safe space to share stories anonymously.

  • Women in Sport

I want to create a comfortable environment in which women can work out and exercise freely. I would like to campaign for women-only gym hours as well as classes. Gender stereotyping in sport has a larger negative impact than you may realise. I propose webinars to stimulate discussions around toxic sporting environments, as well as things like colour and obstacle runs for more enjoyment around sport.

  • Recognition of International Women’s Day

Remembering empowering women who fought for change, as well as celebrating how far we have come. This could be an Instagram takeover, quiz, or activities around campus. I would also be interested in setting up a podcast, driven by this positivity.

This is also an opportunity to raise money and awareness of local charities e.g. The Hillingdon Women’s Centre who create a safe space for women facing domestic violence. I would also like to propose a 'reclaim the night' in support of this charity and women across campus

  • Working with Staff

Staff need to be educated on the best ways to help victims of rape or sexual violence as well as supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their students – this could be done through workshops or short courses.

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