Candidate for the position of EU Students Officer

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Hannah Knoerk

Hi, my name is Hannah and I'm an EU Student from Germany running for EU Officer! 

After living and traveling in Europe for most of my life, I moved to the UK in 2019. I know exactly how daunting moving to a new country is and the necessary steps aren't always straight forward. My experiences as an EU Student in light of Brexit have revealed that the University desperately needs to direct more attention to EU Student issues. If elected, I will be working closely with the VP of Student Activities and the rest of the SU to ensure that this happens. 

What I plan to do: 

- Helping the University support new and current EU Students in finding their bearings in the UK 

- Advocate for increased visibility and unified presence of EU Students 

- Supporting ALL efforts in keeping EU Student tuition fees the same for as long as possible


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