Candidate for the position of Vice President College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences

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Noah Yeates


Hi, I’m Noah and I’m running for VP of CEDPS. I am a computer science student who works as an ATA in the First Year/Foundation year labs, As vice-chair of Brunel Student Justice, I have already committed to the fight against injustice at this university. The role within this organisation means I have already had plenty of experience working with the Union,  I have also gained experience from being a national representative for the organisation. I am secretary for Brunel Climbing Society for this year and did what I could to get the wall open, offering to clean it with the committee after every session. Check out my link tree for my socials and a remind to vote form!

If elected, I will work to achieve the following goals:



  • Continuing the Brunel Student Justice fight: I have given much of my free time this year to campaign for ALL students at the university both on a local and national level. This fight is not over and as VP-CEDPS I will be able to take the fight to the executive committee at the university and work with Student Unions across the country to achieve real results.
  • Increase effectiveness of the WellBeing department: Wait times need to be reduced and number of sessions increased. Victim support services are essential to ensure students feel safe to reach out on campus.
  • Improve PG representation: The post graduate representation was not working and was removed at the last AGM. A new solution for PG representation is needed.
  • Building on the work of previous officers: This is to ensure the continuation of campaigns such as Women in STEM, OneBrunel and the fight against Circuit Laundry.
  • Increase student engagement: Student engagement has been falling in recent years but as the brunel student justice campaign has shown there are students who will get involved provided with the right catalyst.


  • Increase student employment within the university: Why outsource when a skilled workforce is sitting right in front of you?
  • Include optional entrepreneurial education within CEDPS: Many students within CEDPS will go on to start their own business so having the required knowledge be accessible is essential.


  • Fairness for Fees: I have been and will continue to fight for reduced fees for all students with an initial focus on international students.
  • Improve accessibility to software and adequate hardware: Necessary software should be free, with ineffective solutions such as VM Horizons to be replaced with a better remote platform and/or equipment grants and loans.
  • Adequate Workspaces: Towers cannot accommodate all of the students that need access and the equipment provided within is inadequate. We need higher capacity better furnished workspaces.


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