Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities



Hello Everyone, I am Aaron Sonny running for the position of VPSA.

  • I have been an actively engaged member of the cultural societies. I have 300 volunteering hours on my name and received gold award for two consecutive years.
  • Represented Brunel in an Inter-College Winter Ball “Diyaan”.
  • As an International Officer, I have hosted the Christmas decoration competition to bring maximum engagement between students during the winter break.
  • The President of Union and I hosted the Hot Chocolate under “One Brunel”
  • I worked alongside with VPCEDPS to pass a motion on tuition fee rebates.


My Aims to Achieve:




  • Reduce GYM membership price and include free booking for courts.
  • Lobby to increase funding for cultural society events.
  • Host a fundraising marathon event to help the students heavily affected by the pandemic.
  • Increase International student’s engagement with sports by having open day activities every week.
  • Increase the importance of ‘One Brunel’ by hosting more events for international students throughout the year.
  • Link mental health to sports 
  • Pass a motion for Discounts on team Brunel Merchandise for all students.


  • Bring Brunel Radio back and give every student a platform to speak
  • Continue to work on tuition fee rebate
  • Increase all student’s sports scholarship opportunities.
  • Host first ever inter college fest
  • Continue to take necessary precautions to keep all staff and students involved in any activities safe.



Being a sports-person since i could walk makes me believe I am the right man for this very job. Playing badminton, table tennis, basketball and football with various different teams and players has helped me develop team-work and leadership skills I wouldn’t know elsewise. Knowing the importance of team-work and commitment through my life, I promise to invest all my time and abilities to make the university activities as exciting and innovative for students as possible. Moreover, being the International Students Officer (ISO) over the past year provided me with an opportunity to connect with many new and existing International students, giving me an insight of what students expect in terms of planned activities and events in the future as well as understanding their other needs. Playing the piano, singing and dancing are some of the other activities which I enjoy and that motivates me to take on a roll which will put me in a position to help students with all activities that interests them, not just sports. Imagine if I promise to make these things happen alone, together we could do so much more to enhance every students next academic year experience. 



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