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My name is Om Sai. I am final year international business student running to be YOUR Student Union President. I have always thrived for betterment of student experience as I have been a part of union, sport, society, campaigns & volunteer work.

This past year, Brunel students have been made to perform under unprecedented circumstances. COVID-19 has affected student well-being & academic success in various aspects. The “Black lives matter" movement has out sparkled on racial injustices scorching inequalities for all the members of Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic community.

Despite all the hardships, the year 2020 has also cajoled us to realise the essence of student experience at Brunel. I ask for your support in my campaign because together, we will “Rebuild our Union” and embark to provide our fellow pals with resources and support they need to thrive in Brunel.

Experience in Brunel:

  1. International Students’ Officer Brunel SU (2018/2019)
  2. Assembly Representative of LBIC (2017/2018)
  3. Handball Team (2018/2019)
  4. Table Tennis Team (2020/2021)

Achievements in Brunel:

  1. Launched and secured £15000 for One Brunel Campaign.
  2. Launched Post Study Work Visa campaign
  3. Lead volunteer in Santander cycles campaign.
  4. Brought back One world week in large scale in 2019
  5. ISOC volunteer award 2018



 Proactive Solidarity:

  1. #Studentadvocate - By adapting pragmatic approach I would like to raise funds for litigation regarding Tuition fees and accommodation Rent issues. We(students) have been doing a lot of rent strikes but it’s the time to step up.
  2. Let’s prevent “PREVENT” – Brunel has over 2000 Muslims studying on campus and I will shoulder all their concerns by organising “Anti-Prevent” week and oppose all kinds of Islamophobic racism.
  3. Lobby the university for fixed international tuition fee – Fee’s for international students increase every year, therefore should be fixed.


  1. Create more study spaces – Off campus students don’t have any study space apart from library, the students who come off campus.
  2. Work placements and experience – Create more jobs by collaborating with companies around London.
  3. Waive the visa fees for EU Students –I will lobby the university to waive the visa fees for the incoming students for the first time in UK.

Welfare & Activities:

  1. Free Laundry on campus – University has a contract with circuit laundry which is coming to end. I can lobby the university and ensure that university makes a new deal for us to get free laundry.
  2. More student led events – Instagram pages created by students like “Brunel Banter” can take over and organise events on campus.
  3. Create more social spaces – Increase social spaces and introduce 24-hour social space on campus.

Covid-19 Interventions for all:

  1. Push the conference of colleges to extend access to resources & events for graduating one-year Master’s Students.
  2. Lobby the university to student net and mitigating circumstances until WHO declares end of pandemic.


Thank you for reading my manifesto and God bless us!


INSTAGRAM: @Omsai_for_President


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