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If you're interested in nominating yourself for a role here at the Union, click POST LIST below and submit your details. If you'd like some more information, then you can have a chat with our Student Voice team here or check our the elections handbook on the right hand side.

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Election information and training sessions


How to nominate

STEP 1 – Choose the role that’s best for you. We have a range of exciting opportunities available in the Union for you to shape the future of student life at Brunel. Most of the posts available are voluntary and you can do them alongside your studies, and because they are linked to your academic experience they don’t count towards your working hours if you have a student visa.

We also have a full-time paid post running in this election. You will need to take time out of your studies to do this role, as it is a fulltime job.

Head across to our roles page to see what roles are running as part of this election


STEP 2 – Find two other students that will support your nomination and obtain their student numbers (you will need this when completing the nomination form)


STEP 3 – Log onto website and head to to submit your nomination.


STEP 4 – Upload a picture and submit your a 500-word manifesto on the nomination form.


STEP 5 – Attend the candidates briefing, check out the timetable and plan your campaign.