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1. Submit your nomination online

Autumn Elections 2019

5 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 10:00 on Monday 16 September 2019 (in 3 weeks and 0 days)

The polls open at 10:00 on Tuesday 15 October 2019 (in 7 weeks and 1 days)

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For Club and Society Elections please go here.


First of all, make sure you're allowed to run. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you are logged in and see if the nomination form above will let you complete a nomination. If it doesn't, and you're not sure why you can drop us an email.

You'll need to find some people who will support your nomination. These can be any students, they'll just need to agree to you using their name. Once you've told us who your proposers are, you'll be able to upload your manifesto and a photograph of yourself.

At this point, your nomination will show as pending, until it's approved by Elections and Referenda Committee after the close of nominations.

Any problems please contact our Student Voice Team prior to the deadline.



You submit your a 500-word manifesto on the nomination form. You can also upload a photo of yourself.

Think about why you want to run, a manifesto is the main document where you'll be able to explain to everyone why they should vote for you.

We’ll display all candidates’ manifestos on the website with your nomination (brunelstudents.com/elections), so they’ll be available for students to view! You’ll also need to keep it snappy as manifestos can’t be longer than one page. You can upload your manifesto here in a PDF format.

You can find out more about what to write in your manifesto here.

Any problems please contact our Student Voice Manager prior to this deadline.



There's just a few more things you need to do relating to your campaign.

We've dedicated a whole section on our website, here, to the support you'll get and the things you'll need to do to plan your campaign.







So you’ve decided to stand in the Elections. That’s great, but why should a student vote for you? What do you want to do? Have a think about a snappy, exciting, relevant, big idea you can have at the heart of your campaign!

What is it you’d really like to see change at Brunel? What’s going to immediately make voters think ‘I want to vote for that candidate, I can really see what they want to do, and I like it’?

You may well have lots of great plans, exciting ideas, and a real programme for change, but it’s best to have one big idea – or two or three – to really catch people’s attention.


The one thing every candidate will have in common in the Elections is that they’re all students - pretty much everything else could be unique. In particular, what you believe in and what you want to achieve will be what people will compare. So make sure you highlight what makes you both unique and uniquely suited to the post you’re running for!


Tell the voters who you are - students will often vote for candidates who have something in common with them. So, as well as outlining your ideas, you might consider telling them:- what course you’re on, - where you’re from, - age, race, gender, sexuality, or religion, if you think it’s appropriate, - any clubs and societies you’re a member of, or help to run, - involvement in political activities, parties, or groups, - any other involvement in student issues, activities, or volunteering.


It might sound obvious, but make it clear which post you’re standing for - and don’t forget to ask people to vote for you!


Say you’ll be promising students an improvement to do with the library - it might be worth trying to get hold of someone who works there to see how feasible it’ll be. Pledging to increase the amount of core textbooks available in the Library if you’re elected? Speak to the Library first!

Talk to those who’ll be responsible for helping you implement your promises if you can - not only can you make sure everyone’s on the same page to start with, but it’ll make for a stronger manifesto if you can say that your idea’s a genuinely feasible one.