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Candidates Printing


The Union will print for you the following, please note that this is the only printed publicity, in the form of posters, flyers or business cards, you are allowed as part of your campaign:

20 A3 Posters, Full colour – You may submit up to two designs.

250 A5 Flyers, Full colour – You are limited to only one design.


Both the flyer and poster will be one sided  and you must follow the specifications below when designing and submitting your publicity:

  1. You must leave space for the Unions provided art work at the bottom of both of your designs. If you do not leave space for us to do so then the art work will be placed over your design.
  2. All leaflets and posters must be designed with a Portrait orientation
  3. Please leave a minimum of a 5 millimetre gap between the edge of the page and any key design or text. This will account for bleed during the printing process.
  4. Design the poster in the formatted size of A3, and the flyer in the formatted size of A5. Failure to do so will delay the printing process and could lead to poor quality posters and flyers.
  5. Ensure you check any spelling before sending in to print.
  6. It must be clear that the poster and flyer is for a specific candidate. If you’re running on a slate then you may include the names of other candidates, but the publicity must be clearly promoting you as the main candidate.
  7. All publicity must be submitted as a PDF file.


Deadline - Thursday 17th February 4pm for publicity to be printed before campaigning starts. The FINAL deadline for posters and flyers is Sunday 20th February 4pm, though these will be printed after campaigning starts.



Submit publicity for printing here