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The Trustee Board serves the Union as an oversight body looking at the long term strategic development and delivery of the Students' Union. Student Trustees ensure the current student voice is effectively represented, and are expected to attend 4 - 6 Trustee Board meetings within the year, together with a number of sub-committees and planning days. Read More

Trustee Board is an oversight committee, responsible for the legal management of the organisation, and work to ensure that the strategic and legal objectives of Union are delivered. It is made up of the four student officers, 4 directly elected student trustees, and 4 independent trustees selected to enhance the knowledge and skill set of the board. Student Trustee seve upto a 2 year term, Officer trustees serve 1 year terms, whilst the independent trustees are selected to serve between 2-4 year terms, as defined in the constitution.


You are NOT allowed to be a Trustee if you:

  • Have been convicted at any time of any offence involving deception or dishonesty, unless the conviction is legally regarded as spent.
  • Are an undischarged bankrupt.
  • Have made compositions with your creditors and have not been discharged.
  • Have at any time been removed by the Commissioners or by the Court in England, Wales or Scotland from being a Trustee because of misconduct.
  • Are disqualified from being a Company Director.
  • Have failed to make payments under the County Court Administrators’ orders.


If any of the above apply to you, please contact the union prior to the close of nominations


Are you interested in being more involved in the activities the Union delivers? Standing Committees oversee key areas of delivery within the Union such as; our sports clubs, societies, media and RAG. As such they have elected members from the relevant activity, and work to enhance the experience of members involved. Elections were held for these committees in the summer, however a number of posts remain available. Read More

Sports Federation Committee

What would Brunel be without Sports? Brunel has a long and proud tradition of sporting excellence and the input of the Sports Federation Committee is key to our sporting success. The Sports Federation Committee is responsible for working actively to help develop current clubs and promote the participation of sports within the student community at large. You’ll also help to plan and run the Sports Federation Awards Ball and make sure that sports clubs are well informed about all that goes on at the Union. The committee meets at least once a month, so you’ll need to show dedication, passion and commitment to sport at Brunel. If you think you’ve got what it takes then get nominating now.

2 Committee Members

Raise and Give (RAG) Committee

Do you like raising money for charity and working with people on fundraising events? If yes, then this is the place for you! We are looking for dedicated and creative people to take the lead on charity fundraising for 2016-17. Working with the RAG President and VP Student Activities you’ll get to plan projects, events and trips to help us raise thousands of pounds for good causes. If you crave that warm fuzzy feeling you get from doing things for others and know how to put the fun into fundraising then this is the role for you!

2 Committee Members