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Nominations for the next election will open on the 28th September 2019.


We have a range of exciting opportunities available in the Union for you to shape the future of student life here at Brunel. Most of the posts available are voluntary and you can do them alongside your studies, and because they are linked to your academic experience, they don’t count towards your working hours if you have a student visa. 


BME Officer

Equality is a core value of the Union, and we aim to demonstrate this value in everything we do. We have 4 Liberation Officers (Womens Officer, BME Officer, LGBT+ Officer and Disabled Students Officer) who work with students to ensure that the policy is current and that the actions of both the Union and the University reflect the beliefs of our students. In addition, the Liberation Officers celebrate, campaign and defend rights in all areas and ensure their voice is effectively heard. 


The Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer will work with informal groups of students who wish to drive forward change and ensure policy, as agreed at Student Assembly, is enacted. Your role will be to encourage student activism on campus, and tackle issues such as; discrimination, systemic racism and the attainment gap. You will be the lead voice for BME issues within the Union, and will also sit on the Unions Executive committee. 


We provide plenty of training and support to help you in your role. You'll be acting on behalf of Brunel Students and working closely with them. We'll make sure you gain plenty of skills along the way, and your position will be formally recorded on your HEAR.


Please Find the Job Descriptions here: Liberation Officer


Student Assembly Member

Student Assembly is a meeting of elected representatives to decide the policies and campaigns of the Union, making sure that it is working on the issues that matter to our members. They also hold the Student Officers to account, asking them questions about their decisions and making suggestions to them, to make sure that they are running the Union in the best way possible.


We have the following posts available on Student Assembly:


15 Student Assembly Community Members

Any student who is a full member can run for this role. You will sit on Student Assembly to represent the views of the Brunel community as a whole. You will liaise with other students in the community, to gather views and ensure they are fed into Union decision making. We are looking for activists that want to shape the political direction of the Union.


2 Assembly Representative for Mature and Part-time Students

Any Mature or Part-time student who is a full member can run for this role. Your role is to represent the views and needs of Mature and Part-time students within our decision making. You will liaise with the relevant societies and university departments to gather the views of students. You will be the lead representative for these students, ensuring their views are included in the development and delivery of Union policy.


Department Student Assembly Representatives

Every academic department in the university elects one representative to sit on Student Assembly, and represent the views of those students in that department. You will work closely with Course Reps and the Vice-President of your college to ensure the views of your fellow students are heard throughout the Union and University. You will also have responsibility for ensuring the Vice-President Colleges are delivering on academic matters within your department and college.



Student Assembly meetings for this academic year have been scheduled as follows, and training will take place on the 29th October at 5.30pm:

Student Assembly Meeting - 05/11/2020, 5:30pm

Student Assembly Meeting - 10/12/2020, 5:30pm

Student Assembly Meeting - 04/02/2021, 5:30pm

Student Assembly Meeting - 25/03/2021, 5:30pm

Student Assembly Meeting - 29/04/2021, 5:30pm



In addition to the Student Assembly meetings above, we have also scheduled the following meetings which we ask Student Assembly members to attend:

Accountability Open forum - 24/11/2020, 5:30pm

Accountability Open forum - 26/01/2021, 5:30pm

Accountability Open forum - 11/05/2021, 5:30pm