What roles are there at the Union of Brunel Students




We have a range of exciting opportunities available in the Union for you to shape the future of student life here at Brunel. Most of the posts available are voluntary and you can do them alongside your studies, and because they are linked to your academic experience, they don’t count towards your working hours if you have a student visa. The exception to this is the sabbatical officer roles.

In this election we will be electing:


32 Student Assembly Members

  • 15 Student Assembly Community Members
  • 15 Assembly Reps for Department Reps
  • 2 Assembly Reps for Mature and Part Time Students


1 LGBT+ Officer


1 Vice President College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (Full Time)


Find out more about each role below and if you have more questions contact us at: Elections@brunel.ac.uk


Sabbatical Officer (VP CHMLS)

NOTE: This role will last until July 2022 and the expectations and salary will be adjusted accordingly. You will likely need to take a break from your studies to run for this role.

Sabbatical officers are full time, paid student Officers who take a year out of their studies (or the year immediately following graduation) to act as the primary representatives of Brunel Students. Whilst each have specific remits, they also oversee the day to day running of Union and work to develop the delivery of our Strategic Plan. The officers attend University Senate as the student representatives; in addition to the numerous boards and committees within the University decision making structure. These roles also take up a place on Student Assembly, the Student Leadership Team, the Executive Committee and the Trustee Board.


You can read the full Job Description here:  Vice President College


You must be a CHMLS Student to run for this role.


Annual Salary inlusive of London Weighting: £21,778 per annumn Officer


Liberation Officer (LGBT+ Officer)

Equality is a core value of the Union, and we aim to demonstrate this value in everything we do. The Liberation Officers work with students to ensure that the policy is current and that the actions of both the Union and the University reflect the beliefs of our students. In addition, the Liberation Officers celebrate, campaign and defend rights in all areas and ensure their voice is effectively heard. 


The Liberation Officers are activitsts who will organise and work with groups of students, in order to drive change, policy and activities in their area. Each Liberation group has an individual approach to effective delivery and develops their activity according to the students involved. Liberation Officers also sit on the Executive Committee.


The LGBT+ Officer specifically focusses on making sure that LGBT+ students can thrive at Brunel and that the University and Union are doing their best to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBT+ students.


Please Find the Job Descriptions here: Liberation Officer


You must self define as an LGBT+ Student to run for this role.


Student Assembly Members


Student Assembly is a meeting of elected representatives to decide the policies and campaigns of the Union, making sure that it is working on the issues that matter to our members. They also hold the Student Officers to account, asking them questions about their decisions and making suggestions to them, to make sure that they are running the Union in the best way possible.


We have the following posts available on Student Assembly:


15 Student Assembly Community Members - Any student who is a full member can run for this role


2 Assembly Representative for Mature and Part-time Students - Any Mature or Part-time student who is a full member can run for this role


Department Student Assembly Representatives - Any student who is a member of the relevant department. All departments are electing a representative.