Elections 19 Elections 19


It might seem boring, but this part is really important. We need to ensure that the election is free and fair, so everyone has an equal chance at success. To do that we have a number of rules in place that you'll need to follow.

If you're found to have broken any of these rules, your ability to stand may be damaged.



You can see the full elections regulations here.



Please note: If you are running for a student rep post these resources do not apply to you

You will need to keep track on what you spend throughout the elections to ensure you do not go over budget. Filling in the expenses form as you go is advisable as doing it retrospectively could mean you miss items off and makes you more likely to go over budget accidentally. Everything from fancy dress down to blue tac and pins needs to be accounted for.

The budget changes depending on the position you are running for. A President or Vice President you have a budget of £100, all other positions have a budget of £30. In addition to this £20 is provided in the form of Union printing credit, and can only be used to order printing through the union, the rest is your own money and is non-refundable.

Expenses should be submitted either before or at the Candidates Debrief at the end of voting.



All of our elections within the Union are overseen by the Elections and Referenda Committee a committee of Student Assembly Representatives and  Officers. This committee is supported by Union staff including the Student Voice Manager and the Deputy Returning Officer. Their role is to make sure that all elections are conducted in a free and fair manner - developing the regulations which candidates must follow, and then monitoring the conduct of the elections to ensure everyone follows these rules.

Elections and Referenda Committee meets regularly throughout the Elections process and to make sure no one can complain about bias or favoritism, ALL of the committees agree to not express interest or support for any candidates.

The fairness of Students’ Unions Elections is a requirement of law (Education Act, 1994) and this law places a level of responsibility on the University. In addition, the elections are conducted on university premises, by and for Brunel Students. As a result, the Union (and therefore Democracy Committee in this case) are answerable to the University and commit to abiding by agreements made between us. Democracy Committee will, therefore, take very seriously its role in overseeing the regulations- including those which put at risk the relationship between the Union and the University. Whilst we hope that this is not necessary, Elections and Referenda Committee is granted powers by the Constitution to sanction students including candidates in relation to the elections. If Elections and Referenda Committee agrees that an action has impacted on the fairness of the Election process, they will look to redress the balance in some way, and if this proves impossible they reserve the right to remove a candidate from the Election process.

The way elections are run requires candidates to contact Elections and Referenda Committee at various key stages, and Elections and Referenda Committee is open to communications from candidates (or indeed any Brunel Students) in relation to the conduct of the Elections or individuals. Candidates who wish to update their campaigns plan or propose further promotional ideas should contact Elections and Referenda Committee and await approval before enacting your ideas. Contact the Elections and Referenda Committee by emailing Elections@brunel.ac.uk


The Returning Officer


As a further and final commitment to ensuring open fair elections, the Unions constitution requires the appointment of an independent Returning Officer (RO). Their role is to oversee the entire elections process, provide guidance to ERC should they request it, and if necessary hear appeals against the decision of ERC. They will also declare the elections- ie oversee the count of votes, and verify the results. The appointment of the RO is the responsibility of Student Assembly, and for this Academic year, NUS has been agreed as the Returning Officer. Constitutionally, their decision is final.

Should anyone feel the need to contact the Returning Officer, they can do so by emailing here.


Elections and Referenda Committee RULINGS

If Democracy Committee make any rulings during elections we will publish them here