Question Time Part 1

Question Time Part 1

Question Time is your chance to understand the candidates a little more in the 2019 Spring Elections. Not sure what the elections are? Check this link out here.

We are delighted to invite back Peter Smallwood to host Tuesday nights Hustings debate and welcome for the first time Ali Milani to chair our second set of Hustings on Wednesday.  Peter and Ali are both great friends of the Union and we are extremely grateful for them volunteering their time to help and support our vibrant democracy.   

Peter is a former Vice President of the Union so knows our democracy well.  His career since the Union has involved him being a National Executive member, Presidential Candidate and Trustee at the NUS so he has a full and detailed knowledge of the issues facing students at both local and National levels.  He is currently Business Development and Public Affairs Manager at The Guild of Construction Workers, representing the views of the industry and cross party lobbying on their behalf at parliament.   This experience ,as he demonstrated last year, enables him to sniff out a ‘politician’s answer’ at 100 yards and rest assured he will be ensuring your candidates answer direct questions with direct answers ! 

Ali is also a former Officer here at the union holding the office of President for two terms.  He also has sat on the NUS NEC and is  their current Vice President for Union Development, so like Peter has a full and valuable knowledge of students issues and student politics.  Ali is also an elected Hillingdon Councillor representing the Heathrow Villages and is the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip (Our constituency) .  This evening however he is here not to offer his opinion or make comment but he will be using his experience and tenacity to ensure your questions are not left unanswered and that those standing to represent you in our upcoming election are appropriately challenged, but also have the best opportunity to shine!

We've split Question Time into two events, which will be livestreamed on our Facebook Page.

Ask real questions to candidates in real time. Maybe they fundamentally disagree with Pineapple on Pizza. It's time to ask ??

#BrunelStudentsVotes #SpringElections2019

The roles being questioned are: 

  • Student Assembly Chair
  • Womens Officer
  • BME Officer
  • VP Student Activities

Event Details

  Tuesday 19 February 2019

  5pm - 8pm

  The Venue, Hamilton Centre

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