Adult Ball Pit & Surf Sim! #FreshersWeek

Adult Ball Pit & Surf Sim! #FreshersWeek

Thursdays are not just for throwbacks, they are also for being thrown off a massive surfboard. No, you're hitting the beaches in Hawaii - Instead, you're standing on top of a simulator in the middle of campus. Check it out and find out more about your Union.

And we've ALSO got a massive adult ball pit. If that's not enough for you?

Remember, you can find all of our events during the day and night here for Brunel Freshers 2021! Remember to check out our events every day during the first three weeks of term.

We're the Union of Brunel Students, YOUR Student Union at Brunel. If you're a student, we're here to make sure your experience at Brunel is the best yet so you can "do your thing". 

Event Details

  Thursday 30 September 2021

  noon - 4pm

  Crank Garden

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