Sports Day! #Freshers

Sports Day! #Freshers

If you haven't noticed yet, Brunel loves Sports. Our heritage since the University was formed in 1966 has been nothing but exceptionalism for Sport and we loved sport so much that a few years ago we made Free Sport Memberships a part of us and started our Active@Brunel programme to get as many students as possible as active as possible.

If you love sport, or think you might learn to love it at Brunel then come on down for our Sports Day on the Quad! Meet our Student Activities Team and Connie, our Vice President for Student Activities. Play some games, and find out more about our Union!

Remember, you can find all of our events during the day and night here for Brunel Freshers 2021! Remember to check out our events every day during the first three weeks of term.

We're the Union of Brunel Students, YOUR Student Union at Brunel. If you're a student, we're here to make sure your experience at Brunel is the best yet so you can "do your thing". 

Event Details

  Wednesday 22 September 2021

  noon - 4pm


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