Freshers nightlife 2018

Freshers Fayre is the perfect opportunity for you to really kickstart your time at Brunel! Get to grips with our clubs and societies (we’ve got over 150 of them on offer), and find out about our Active@Brunel social sport programme. Find us in the IAC from 10am to 4pm to get involved!

This year we’re offering “Quiet 30” before the madness of Freshers’ Fayre kicks off! Each year Freshers’ Fayre is renowned for its wild hustle and bustle, but sometimes we know it can be a little bit too much. What we’re providing is 30 minutes before the advertised opening time for anyone who has any accessibility needs, big or small, to pop down to the IAC and experience Freshers’ Fayre in a more relaxed, open and less chaotic environment. In order for this to maintain the chilled vibe, we do only have limited places, but if you think you would benefit from a more peaceful atmosphere, then feel free to come along. We can’t wait to meet you!


*Map of Freshers Fayre available soon...


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