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Introducing the 2020/21 Committee

Hey everyone, The Brunel Ahlulbayt Society are excited to announce our official committee for the 2020/21 academic year. We're thrilled for this new team to come together and help lead the society to new heights!

At the Ahlulbayt Society, our members are a pivotal aspect in the daily running and thriving of the society, so it's only fitting that our new committee consists of dedicated members who have put their all into this society as consistent attendees and volunteers since they began their studies at Brunel. This is the fantastic team that makes us click:


President - Aliasger Hassan

Vice President - Sarah Mohammed

Secretary - Sana Ali

Treasurer - Temmar Ghani

PR - Hamza Shubber

Web Officer - Aliraza Rajani

General Member - Hashim Al-Hakim

Advisor - Abbasali Nasser


The new team is excited to get started and hopes to bring you some fantastic events & campaigns throughout the year.

Check out our Instagram page for more details: @brunelabsoc


Abbasali Nasser
11:10pm on 11 Sep 20 So excited for this year!
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