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National Voter Registration Week is here!

There are only 93 days until the General Election, and even less time to register to vote.

Think back to all the conversations you've ever had about politics, whether it's about the party you support, or how much better you would run this country. You might even disregard politics and say that it doesn't affect you. You might not do politics, but politics will do you.

Whether it's the tripling of tuition fees, or the increasing cost of living, or the international issues we get involved in - these issues will be debated, voted on, and implemented even if you choose to not get involved.

What you can do is make sure that your views are represented. Vote for your Member of Parliament, who will go to the House of Commons and vote on the issues that matter to you.

If you don't, how will you know the positive changes that you could have made?

Our society functions on the system of representative democracy. This requires all citizens to register to vote, have their say, and make a judgement on their MP the following election. If you don't hold our MPs to account, who will?

Register to vote now (it takes literally two minutes - and you'll need your National Insurance number) and don't let yourself be written out of the decision-making process.

The system has changed this year and your parents can no longer register you to vote. Even if you voted last year, you will still need to re-register.

Go to now and register to vote online.

Take power.