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#WednesdayWin - Zamaan Lodhi

Zamaan worked to get his students a timetable change - Could your Student Rep do the same?

Zamaan Lodhi, Course rep for Level 1 Electronic and Electrical Engineering, worked to successfully reschedule a lone class students had on a Wednesday, where it was very inconvenient, to a Monday where students had multiple classes. To achieve this, he kept in close contact his course and module leader.


He then held a vote among the students to choose a convenient time. The students benefited from this as they didn't have to come into university for just an hour long class on Wednesdays which if you live on Campus might not mean much - but if you're a commuting student then it could mean the difference between a two hour commute.


The department has also seen an increase in attendance, which they massively appreciate, because there's not much point putting on a lecture for no one is there?


If you're a Student Rep, or any student, who has made a change then make sure to send it over to to get it featured as a #WednesdayWin.