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SEXpectations - Sexual Health Testing Week

Tue 18 Dec 2018

SEXpectations returned for a second time around, with a focus on STI testing. The campaign promoted safe sex whilst raising awareness of STI symptoms, transmission, treatments and how to get tested.

Islamic Awareness Month

Tue 18 Dec 2018

This is a campaign to raise awareness of the religion of Islam and bring students from different backgrounds together to share and learn in a positive light, whilst raising awareness of current issues and working towards reducing Islamophobia.

#Iam - Islamophobia Awareness Month

Tue 18 Dec 2018

This is a campaign to raise awareness of the increasingly pertinent issue of Islamophobia. The term "Islamophobia" was first introduced as a concept in a 1991 Runnymede Trust Report and defined as "unfounded hostility towards Muslims, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims."

SEXpectations - Sexual Health Week

Tue 18 Dec 2018

Our SEXpectations campaign aims to promote safe sex and increase the awareness around STI transmission and testing. During Sexual Health week, we focussed on free condoms, advice on contraception and information about STIs and C-cards.

Women in Leadership

Tue 18 Dec 2018

This campaign aims to empower and inspire a new generation of women to become leaders in society, this includes running in the Union elections. As part of this campaign the Union delivered a Women in Leadership Conference.

Black History Month

Tue 18 Dec 2018

October marks Black History Month is a time for us to recognise and celebrate the immense contributions that people of African and Caribbean heritage make to humanity.

Live Well

Tue 18 Dec 2018

We started our Live Well initiative to provide a hub for information on physical and mental health. From sexual health to mental wellbeing, and everything in between.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tue 18 Dec 2018

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign aims to raise awareness of breast cancer and how to check for it, along with raising money for charity.

This BUCS Girl Can

Tue 18 Dec 2018

The campaign highlights gender inequality in sport and is about encouraging and empowering women to be active in sport and physical activity during their time at University and beyond.

Student Led Teaching Awards

Tue 18 Dec 2018

Every year the Union acknowledges the University's lecturers and staff members who stand out from the rest and inspire, challenge and engage their students. You have the opportunity to recognise those individuals - the ones who offer excellent teaching and support.

Rainbow Laces

Tue 18 Dec 2018

Our teams and players have committed to make sport everyone’s game and today they will show our support for LGBT fans and players on and off the pitch.

Christmas News Letter

Fri 14 Dec 2018

This year so far has seen the society become more active and bigger than ever

Opening Times during Christmas

Tue 11 Dec 2018

The Students' Union Offices will close on the 21st of December and reopen on the 2nd of January.

Union commits to lobby Brunel for Multi-Faith Room on campus

Thu 06 Dec 2018

What else happened at Student Assembly?

Team Brunel Rugby Union partnership with Ealing Trailfinders!

Thu 22 Nov 2018

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Ealing Trailfinders.

How to use the Team Brunel App #BruWhat

Wed 24 Oct 2018

So, you're struggling to use our new App?

One Brunel

Sun 07 Oct 2018

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