Housing is often one of the most expensive outgoing during your university experience. Whether you're renting on your own, with friends or purchasing a house - the costs add up. That's why we've been running the Housing Fair every year, supported by the ARC Advice Team who are the independent, non-judgemental team here at the Union of Brunel Students.


This year, we have our fair in the Hamilton Atrium where you can meet other students who might want to be your roommate, letting agents from around the area and our helpful advice staff who can help you through the process.


This year, we'll have Brunel Student LettingsSt Modwen HomesCoopers Residential, Gibbs Gillespie, Glide, Housing Hand, Lords Associates & NuPad.


Housing Fair 2020


20th of January 2020
12pm - 6pm
Hamilton Atrium