The Student Jury system is designed to make sure that all students have the opportunities to get involved in Union decisions. Jury members are randomly selected to attend the Student Assembly as a voting member, similar to Jury Service which takes places in the UK and across the world.

100 Students will be contacted prior to each meeting, of those students that respond 30 will be selected to sit in the meeting as voting members.


What Is Student Assembly Again?

That the role of Student Assembly is to generate debate and create policy that is reflective of the entire student body. What is discussed and agreed in this meeting becomes a policy of the Union, and as such the Union will then go on to abide by and campaign on what has been agreed.

Student Assembly also has a role to play in holding the elected Officers accountable. During the year we hold 3 Student Assembly meetings which are designed exclusively to do this. Officers are required to provide reports, and those in attendance are able to question them on their reports and how they are delivering their election promises.

Any student can attend Student Assembly, speak, and submit policy to be discussed. However; only the elected members and the Jury members are able to vote, and therefore make decisions.


What is expected of me?

Being part of the Jury at student assembly is a serious responsibility. We are asking you, as a member of the Union, to be a part of our highest decision making body. We ask all Jury members to keep an open mind throughout the debates and discussions that take place at the meeting, we also invite you to participate and ask questions. Following a debate we will ask you to vote either; For or Against. If you are unsure you can choose to abstain, which is a formal declaration that you do not wish to vote either for or against.


As a Juror we expect you to attend the training on the day of Student Assembly, this is to ensure you are aware of both the meeting processes and your responsibilities. By attending training you are ensuring you are in a position to fully participate in the proceedings.



Jury member training

Check back soon!



3 Weeks Before

100 randomly generated students are invited to be members of the jury.

2 Weeks Before

First 30 members, that are representative of members across all colleges, to respond are appointed Jurors of the next Assembly Meeting.

1 Weeks Before

Papers are circulated to all voting members of the Assembly.

Day of Meeting

45 minutes before the meeting the appointed Jurors will be trained. The meeting will then be held with the Jurors acting as voting members.