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Start date: 1st July 2024

Hours of work: 3+ hours commitment a week.

Contract: This is a voluntary position.


  • Discount at Starbucks Loco’s.
  • Guest list for (Mega) Globals.
  • Opportunity to develop key leadership and negotiation skills, whilst acting to deliver positive impact on the experience of more than 18,000 student members.
  • Volunteer hours for your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR).
  • Training:
  • Full SU induction period.
  • Training courses provided by NUS.
  • Role specific learning and development opportunities.
  • Access to University training programme.
  • Role specific learning and development opportunities.



  • You must currently be enrolled at Brunel University.
  • You must be able to attend a remote campaign planning training session in August. 


  • As Environmental and Ethics Officer, you will promote environmental sustainability on campus.
  • You will form an integral part in securing the Green Impact Award and form part of the Environmental & Sustainability working group.
  • You will create 2 innovative campaign that galvanizes Student Membership and promotes social responsibility and sustainability on campus.
  • You will inherit the mandatory legacy campaign of Earth Day and be allowed to choose a supplementary campaign of your choosing, relating to the theme of the environment and ethics.

Legacy Campaign:
As the Environmental & Ethics Officer, you will lead the Earth Day campaign in accordance with the Earth Day theme of the year. The objective of each Earth Day campaign is to promote environmental awareness and the conservation of the planet. Earth Day is 22nd April.

Supplementary Campaign:
As the Environmental and Ethics Officer, you will be encouraged to create a supplementary campaign that champions the environmental or ethical cause of your choosing.


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