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    Greenhouse on Campus

      We should allow students to grow herbs and vegetables in the existing greenhouse and sell them at an affordable price with any profits going to a mutually preferred charity.
    Guste Skrupskaite
    3:30pm on 28 Sep 20 What a great idea!
    Lucas Berry
    4:16pm on 28 Sep 20 yes!
    Tia Phillips
    4:41pm on 28 Sep 20 It would be really lovely to be able to grow some edible food on campus! I vote lettuce plant ????
    Rebecca Graves
    5:11pm on 28 Sep 20 Yeah!
    Nasreen Siddique
    5:13pm on 28 Sep 20 sounds like a great idea!
    Max Murrell
    5:29pm on 28 Sep 20 Completely behind this!
    Adam Conway
    5:59pm on 28 Sep 20 There once was a Greenhouse in Crawley To Feed girls who were ever poorly They grew Peppers and Beans And lots of things Green They need it ever so sorely
    Omaima Baisari
    6pm on 28 Sep 20 Love the idea!
    Alessandra Bazzo
    9:06pm on 28 Sep 20 Amazing idea!!!!
    Tahir Mohammed
    10:05pm on 28 Sep 20 Sounds like a very beneficial idea! All for it
    Ilyas Khan
    10:14pm on 28 Sep 20 Wow I would enjoy that
    Joshua Cotton
    11:07pm on 28 Sep 20 Sounds great!
    Zoe Brookes
    7:56am on 30 Sep 20 I think this sounds wonderful!
    Rebecca Davies
    12:52pm on 27 Oct 20 Good afternoon all. Thank you Pippa for a great suggestion, we have looked into this for you. The current grounds staff green house is old and uneconomical and is listed for demolition. The university is planning a new build green house to replace it and we have been in discussions with them over whether there could be provision for student access to this structure, either through a society or through individual arrangements. The university have agreed in principle to ensuring at this stage that in their proposals the size of the new build project will be adequate for the grounds team needs, and will include the provision for some student growing spaces too. Although this is not an immediate solution, it should mean we have some student growing spaces going into the next academic year.