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    Street art/graffiti on the Lecture Centre

      The ugly huge grey wall when approaching the lecture centre could be completely transformed by some colour and design. My idea is to have a Brunel inspired design painted into the side of the building. It could show the history/people of Brunel and make the building come alive. It's proven to work in cities such as Copenhagen and Berlin, turning huge blank walls into talking points. As part of the design course we could run a competition to collaborate and design the artwork, could also be temporary if the building is listed etc?
    Oliver Bagley
    1:43pm on 5 Mar 19 The building is Grade 2 listed, and a brilliant example of mid 1960s brutalist architecture.
    Charles Boyle
    2:07pm on 5 Mar 19 I’ve addressed this and think the idea can be adapted to fit within rules and regulations. Clearly we can’t permanently make any changes to the lecture centre based on this listing. A banner could be designed and hung (like has been previously done) or the street art could be put somewhere more appropriate on campus? There are still many options available and that’s what needs to be discussed and decided on at the next stages.
    Oliver Bagley
    1:19pm on 6 Mar 19 Hanging a banner wouldn't slide under the listed status. Anything thats been hung previously has been removed for this reason. It's also why the coloured panels that used to be on the steps have been removed.