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    Provide more water dispensers / fix the current ones

      Everybody knows how only a few drops come out when you're trying to fill a bottle or have a quick cup of water. This leads to you either giving up or waiting forever. We need to have the current ones fixed (lecture centre) and possibly add more around campus, for example the big study areas on all floors of the library. Any other places, feel free to mention in the comments below.
    Rebecca Davies
    1:23pm on 29 Oct 19 Good afternoon, Thank you for submitting your idea for more water fountains on campus, and working water fountains. We are in the process of lobbying the university on this issue, and have submitted recommendations for new fountains and their possible locations. As part of our recommendations we have also requested all existing water fountains be checked to ensure they are in an appropriate working order.
    Sanabil Qureshi
    8:27am on 30 Oct 19 @ Rebecca Davies That's great news, I look forward to receiving any updates / progress towards putting this idea in action!
    Rebecca Davies
    11:50am on 18 Nov 19 Morning, this idea has now been referred to the Unions' next Student Assembly Meeting on the 28th November, 5.30pm in The Venue.
    Sanabil Qureshi
    10:34pm on 18 Nov 19 Thanks for the update @ Rebecca Davies, I eagerly await further discussion at the Student Assembly meeting this November :) See you there!