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    Designated smoking areas / marked zones

      Idea to allow for students who smoke to have their own space which does not conflict with those who do not smoke. Congregation outside lecture centre is a key causer to the issue, prevents clear access for those who do not smoke to enter without passing through it. Negative affect on those with asthma
    Mohammed Hussain
    10:46pm on 29 Oct 19 ?? there also shouldnt be people smoking, screaming, socialising outside fleming hall at bed time
    Dominic Cobo
    10:44am on 6 Nov 19 I believe there are marked zones that state smoking is prohibited right outside the lecture centre. However, from observation, these are not enforced, like every other non-smoking sign on campus. The security team does not appear to be sufficiently staffed to handle every "little" issue on campus. Perhaps smokers congregate here because there's shelter from the elements? If so maybe with a little enforcement and an alternative (sheltered) area for them to smoke would solve this?
    Oluwakemi Ajayi
    8:34pm on 12 Nov 19 I support this view because I was affected by this. I am asthmatic each time I am coming to the university; I am afraid I will walk into smoking group. Just last week I had an attack and I had to rush to the clinic for attention. I believe a smoking area, with quality enforcement, will be fine to take care of everyone's needs - smokers and non-smokers.
    Rebecca Davies
    11:48am on 18 Nov 19 Morning, this idea has now been referred to the Unions' next Executive Committee Meeting for further exploration and discussion.