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    Free Formal Transcript of our grades!

      Some of you might be aware that after graduation when you ask for a full formal transcript ( you are not given one with the degree) of your grades, the university charges you 60£!!! There are a lot of students that do not know that until they need it ( for PhD applications, masters etc). If you are annoyed by this ridiculous charge of 60£ speak up
    Antonio Paisana Filipe Silva Soares
    9:47pm on 6 Feb 20 Should be free since We pay so much in tution fees, it is actually a shame that students are being charged for this. We already bring so much business and money to Uni and campus...
    Filimon Meichanetzidis
    10:20pm on 6 Feb 20 1. After paying 3/4 years of tuition fees close to £30,000 it should be unnegotiable to request your official hard copy of our grades 2. Yes, there exists a website ( where you can download an electronic version or a third-party can access it. But it fails in any occasion such as: a. The watermark makes the print out useless for many official government bodies b. Busy universities won't bother going through the third-party login which is also 25£ for them c. Bottom of the page in the documents it states "To verify this document please register at". Which makes it informal/unofficial. To me and many others, these make it useless since it is not accepted by many organisations. It would be reasonable to have the FIRST official hard copy transcript for FREE. And in case, it gets damaged or lost to be charge a small amount like 5£+expenses for shipping if requested to be posted.
    Noah Yeates
    10:57pm on 16 Feb 20 Just to clarify, You get a free official print out of your official transcript upon graduation with your award. As well as that once you sign up to verifyaward with your Brunel logins(free) you get unlimited free access to an online version of your transcript, most employers in the UK have verifyaward accounts and access your transcripts that way .