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    Refund students for unused Accomodation

      The university should refund all students who have moved out of campus Accomodation and who have no need for there room. In the past the contracts could be ended early and remaining rent could be recovered or not paid. Students especially international students who have moved out can't afford dto pay following canceling of shifts or loss of work for 0 hour workers.
    Muhammad Anas Saeed
    6:45pm on 22 Mar 20 International students shouldn't be charged for full contract of their room.
    Ritik Mathur
    7:04pm on 22 Mar 20 The university should refund all students who have moved out of campus Accomodation and who have no need for there room. In the past the contracts could be ended early and remaining rent could be recovered or not paid. Students especially international students who have moved out can't afford dto pay following canceling of shifts or loss of work for 0 hour workers.
    Yassine Salhi
    10:33pm on 22 Mar 20 I should be refunded. Can't afford to pay for an accommodation I'm not living in.
    Olivia Smith
    9:13am on 23 Mar 20 Ridiculous. They should’ve said as soon as lectures ect closed and people started to go home, that we wouldn’t have to pay rent or the fee for ending our contracts early!
    Priya Chowdhury
    10am on 23 Mar 20 Students have mostly moved out why should we pay for accommodation that we are not using. Some students will struggle to pay that as not all of them have part time jobs It doesn’t make sense to pay an entire terms rent when majority of students will not be staying there.
    Viktors Eigims
    10:28am on 23 Mar 20 No sense in charging us if we are not residing in the accomodation.
    Sara Ramirez Olarte
    5:15pm on 23 Mar 20 For an indefinite period all activities, lectures, and evaluations will be online, and therefore as full-time international students, it is absolutely costly and unnecessary to stay here in isolation and without face-to-face classes or exams. The university unilaterally made the decision to change all face-to-face lectures to online classes (which are not the same quality, must be said), when it was not a government law. However, considering the risk we all run, I fully support this decision; what I ask for is that the university consider all the impacts this entails, especially for the well-being of international students, who are already under enough emotional pressure from being isolated away from their homes and families. I understand that this situation is out of everyone's hands, but as students, we have lost much of what we had already paid for, the opportunity cost of being here is enormous and our financial situation is very limited. So, I would kindly ask the University to reconsider its decision under this pandemic`s context, as we are leaving due to a worldwide situation that puts our physical and emotional integrity at risk, our wellbeing is paramount. Not only should we not be charged for the rent until September, but the penalty for canceling before does not apply.
    Tamanna Sud
    6:04pm on 23 Mar 20 The rent should be refunded
    Akash Jain
    6:12pm on 23 Mar 20 Students should be refunded the amount for the period they are not living in campus due to corona virus.
    Amina Mbarouk Shaaban
    7pm on 23 Mar 20 The University is not only being unfair but does not show any humanity as well. We international students have come so far from home hoping to get the best education we can. We are now forced to go back home because most of us would like to be with our families as we do not know how this thing will end as borders are closing down every waking minute. Their response to emails has no emotion, no empathy. Just letting us know that we can leave but contract stands...If we do not have the money, we can take out a loan...what matters is that they get their money. From where? How?. I cannot be home and also paying my rent here. We have lost so much in terms of opportunity cost. They should at least consider us international students. Money isn't everything. Humanity also matters. This situation is forcing us to make our way home. . All classes are now online and it doesn't make sense for me to be paying all this money to sit in a room and stare at a screen... the same screen that I can stare at back home and have peace of mind with my family.
    Ho Mok
    1:45pm on 24 Mar 20 It is definitely reasonable for a refund due to the university closure. We are told to pay for the remaining if we have personal reasons that need to move out and return the room. However, for this time, we were encouraged to go back home and university has been closed. No one from university has noticed us the date for reopening it. Thus, we are kind of compelled to move out due to unpredictable situations the corona virus. Obviously, it does not make sense for charging those who have already moved out.
    Wiktoria Swoboda
    10:02am on 25 Mar 20 I do not see the reason behind this. Why should students not living on campus pay for the rent, without even option to pay less since they're not using the room (no use of electricity, water or services). I understand that it would be a great loss of money for University, but students without being able to work or receiving any income are in far worse situation. Are they supposed to starve? It is sad that our University does not care enough for students, who pay them already so much money, to see that. The university makes a big effort for mental and caring about the well being of student however all the responses about this on email are cold and matter of fact with very little though of the stress and worry the students are going through and impact of this.
    Ross Ballinger
    10:36am on 25 Mar 20 Petition to government to act on this issue. Go vote on it.
    Amina Mbarouk Shaaban
    5:41pm on 25 Mar 20 Other universities such as LSE are doing it so why can't Brunel?? FYI: Update to Residents in LSE Halls Our halls of residence remain open and will continue to do so. Your health and wellbeing are our top priorities and we are regularly reviewing advice from Public Health England to ensure that we operate in accordance with its guidelines. Our reception and warden teams are working hard to support you and to pull together as a community during this time. We understand that some students have already departed or will shortly do so. For those who do wish to depart we ask that you complete our Early Leaver form here: LSE has agreed that accommodation fees will not be collected beyond Saturday 4 April for anyone who has moved out of their room and hall by 23:59hrs on this date. To be exempt from fees from this date onwards you must ensure that you: • Complete an Early Leaver Form [see link above], if you have not already done so. • Remove all your belongings from your bedroom and the kitchen and dispose of any waste. • Return your key to reception. Accommodation fees due for your stay up until Saturday 4 April 2020 remain payable. For students who are remaining in halls, we will be checking in with you in person over the next day or two, and subsequently via regular emails. It is essential that you keep in contact with your warden team and front of house teams if your situation changes so that we can coordinate support for you as needed. We appreciate that the current situation is challenging and may be particularly unsettling if you are far from home, and we are fully committed to supporting you and to your wellbeing during this time. In anticipation of queries from those who have already left, we provide the following responses: Q 1. What if I have already left? If you have already departed and notified us by completing the Early Leaver form, and have cleared your room and handed in your keys/fobs – we will cancel charges from 4 April 2020. If you have left the hall, cleared your room and returned your keys, but have not notified us yet, please complete the Early Leaver Form as soon as possible (see link above) but definitely before 4 April 2020, and we will cancel the charges from 4 April onwards. Q2. I have already departed my hall but could not clear all of my belongings – what should I do? In order for you not to be charged from 4 April 2020 onwards, you will need to ensure that you have cleared your room of all belongings. Some residents have given permission for their friends/relatives in London to clear the room on their behalf. If you wish to arrange this, please: 1. Email your Hall ( 2. Provide the full name(s) of nominated individual(s) that you give permission to enter your room and collect your belongings (“I hereby give permission for
    Rebecca Davies
    4:47pm on 26 Mar 20 The Union has been working closely with the University over the past few weeks to resolve concerns raised by students in relation to their accommodation contracts. Brunel University will now not charge rent for the third period for unoccupied rooms. Brunel University said that "We will not be charging rent for the third period, for campus rooms that are no longer occupied. All residents will receive more information about this by the end of the week."