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    Brunel Library Opening Week of July 5th

      Due to Covid-19, many post-graduate students who are on campus during the summer months have had to prepare their dissertations in the walls of their room in their flat. It was recently, announced that libraries are allowed to be open starting July 4th in the UK. The Brunel Library seems to be preparing for the students in the fall or students partaking in the August Exams. It would be beneficial to the well-being of the students who still remain on campus to be able to study in the Library and to reserve books that pertain to their research. By voting, we will be able to show that there a number of students who would utilize the library if it were to be open in the beginning of July.
    Muhammad Usman Aslam
    7:07am on 27 Jun 20 I agree. The library should be opened in the first week of July, enabling the postgraduate students to benefit from it for their dissertations.
    Arslan Shahzad
    8:42am on 27 Jun 20 I agree. It'll be easier for post-grad students to study for their dissertation.
    Juan Jiang
    11:39am on 27 Jun 20 Agree! And for postgraduate students, reopening the library makes our paperwork more efficient. Therefore, we are looking forward to reopen the library ..thanks
    Rong Dai
    11:54am on 27 Jun 20 Agree! And for postgraduate students, reopening the library makes our paperwork more efficient. Therefore, we are looking forward to reopen the library ..thanks
    Ailian Zhou
    1:24pm on 27 Jun 20 Agree. we need support from the library and smartlib. Hope we can have our library soon, Just find a way to fit in the safe social distance. Thansk~
    Jamie Jennings
    2:33pm on 27 Jun 20 This definitely needs to happen. Especially for post-graduate students. I’ve been unable to attain the support needed to get the resources I need to write my dissertation.
    Aliasger Bharmal
    6:52pm on 27 Jun 20 I agree. Also for undergraduates. We should have access to computers and the printers. We should return our books ourselves using the return self-service machines. All done with socially distancing and with safety measures.
    Alaa Alsewid
    11:58am on 28 Jun 20 Agree, we need access to the books and resources to complete our master dissertation. We can do that with socially distancing and with safety measures.
    Ammar Tyebkhan
    12:25pm on 28 Jun 20 Would appreciate if I could come in from off campus as well...
    Karen Milagros Marti Anton
    9:37am on 29 Jun 20 Agree!
    Ludovica Montorzi
    9:51am on 29 Jun 20 Definitely agree! Especially in a moment like this, get access to library resources is fundamental.
    Kirsty Annable
    10:33am on 29 Jun 20 This would be invaluable
    Reza Saeedi
    11:42am on 29 Jun 20 Agree, some of us don't have the right facilities and environments to undertake our exam preparations at home. It would be great to have the library reopened asap
    Jayanthi Palani
    12:50pm on 29 Jun 20 I definitely think this is a great initiative to ensure current students on campus are afforded with a feasible learning space, and the rest to also get access to the resources at the library.
    Kamil Synowiec
    1:41pm on 29 Jun 20 I agree, also for undergraduate students, we need access to computers and printers
    Aaron de Los Santos
    4:16pm on 29 Jun 20 Yes, please open the library in the first week of July. Would be a great help for us handing final years still handing in our dissertation. Thank you.
    Sarah Dib
    7:09pm on 29 Jun 20 I agree. It would be very useful. Some students do not have a good access to the internet or a quiet place where to study at home. This would be very helpful to work on our dissertation.
    Merrick Will
    7:18pm on 29 Jun 20 Agree!!
    Rebecca Davies
    9:13am on 2 Jul 20 Good morning, Thank you for your submission, i have passed this on to our Full-time Officer team to make inquires and discuss with the relevant University staff . I will post any outcomes once i have an update following these discussions. Rebecca Davies (Student Voice Manager)
    Rebecca Davies
    10:19am on 3 Jul 20 Morning, I have an update for you regarding this Idea submission. The University is currently looking at re-opening the library, there are a number of factors that effect when this will be. Firstly all the relevant departments need to declare the Bannerman COVID secure, in addition to this the front line staff need to be consulted about returning to campus. Capacity also needs to be considered from both a staffing and user point of view. There is a lot of coordination needed to make this happen, but the hope is to be able to offer something for quiet study and access to stock before the exams in August e.g. sometime in the 2nd half of July.
    Giulia Ionescu
    9:07am on 4 Jul 20 Opening the library would be so amazing even for UG students as there still is a possibility of resists or just wanting to study in a good atmosphere. Please do open it!
    Rebecca Davies
    2:51pm on 24 Jul 20 The library has just announced on twitter that they will be partially open from Monday to give access to stock. They will also have bookable study spaces available for students sitting exams in August.