Anvitha "Vinny" Paruchuri






Facebook: Brunel SU Pres

Hey Guys,

I am Anvitha ‘Vinny’, I am 22 years old from India. I have just graduated in International Business. Though out my time at brunel I’ve been very involed in the union and student represtation.  I was previously elected as your VPCBASS in 2018 and was elected as your International Students Officer in 2019. I am now I am elected as the Union President. I feel honored to be elected three consecutive  elections and given this oppunity to be the voice of brunel students. During my time at Brunel, I was successful in bringing the changes I endeavoured. However, this year is going to be a very challening year and our main prirority as a team is to ensure no student in disadvantaged due to covid 19.


My main priorities


  • Increase the provision of more halal and culturally diverse foods on campus.
  • Lobby for more social space and a 24 hour open social space for students.

Welfare and Main Campiagns

  • One brunel – raise culture awarness and celebrate the diversity In Brunel.
  • Raise awareness for Mental Health Issues and introduce the #SeeMe campaign which tackles the stigma and discrimination attached to Mental health


  • Integrate Sports clubs and societies through mereged events to diminish the gap that segregates both. .


  • Due to covid 19 many international students are not able to benefit from dual dilevery I am Lobbying the university to reduce international student tution fee.

If you have any concerns are issues please feel free to email me or pop into my office once the offices are open I am always happy to help and guide you.