Ranjeet Rathore






Phone: 01895 266623
Facebook: Brunel SU Pres
Ranjeet is the President of Brunel Students Union; he provides leadership for the organisation and is the main figurehead and external spokesperson for the Students’ Union. The role includes working with senior members of Brunel University London, local government staff and officers, local MP’s and other external stakeholders. The President leads the team of full and part time Student Officers and works closely with the Students’ Union’s senior management to ensure that the organisation is delivering its charitable purpose and working towards its vision and values. The President is the lead on key campaigns and sits with the University Senior Management Team to ensure students are at the heart of any and all decisions the University make.

Hi guys! I’m Ranjeet Rathore, I have just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Law here at Brunel. I grew up in a small village in India with a small population of just 1500 people, before moving to London for university which has 15,000 people. During my time at Brunel I was elected twice as the International Students Chair, where my role was to represent students from around the world here at Brunel. I loved the role so much, I loved giving back to the students and making a difference in their lives. This is what inspired me to run for the role of Student’s Union President and I was fortunate enough to be elected as the first international student to win a presidential election at Brunel University London (thanks to you guys).  

I decided to run to solve relevant, real-world problems which students face here at Brunel. My experience working in the university along with working for the local authority and in the country’s highest office (British Parliament) has taught me that everyone can make a difference. Becoming SU President means no two days are the same. One day I can be sitting on University Council and the next, I can be out and about chatting to students and then be part of national campaigns to lobby government on student related matters! At other times I can be helping a student with a complaint or going to a society/club meeting to see how we can support them better as an SU. But that is exactly what I love about this job, no day is ever the same and I get to experience a huge breadth of different activities and get to work with so many amazing people!

I’m always about on campus, so if you have any queries, or just fancy popping in for a chat, come and find me in the Union offices. No question is big or small I am always happy to help.


My priorities for the coming year are:

1. To make our Union into a strong campaigning union by responding to local and global crisis.   

2. To break the stigma on mental health and provide wellbeing support to our students.

3. Get an interfaith prayer room within the library.

4. Continue to oppose the rise of tuition fees.    

5. Improve transport links to and from Campus.