Trustee Board


The Union is a registered charity, so it has a Trustee Board to make sure it conducts itself in line with legislation, its aims, and your needs. It holds the Union’s management to account, monitors our activity, double-checks our budgets, and protects our interests, reputation and brand.


The Trustee Board meets four to six times a year, and it’s made up of the Student Officers, three Student Trustees that you choose in our Spring Elections, and three External Trustees who have no other connection to the Union but contribute their expertise, experience and outside world focus on a voluntary basis. 


External Trustees


Jatin Patel

Jatin studied Politics and History at Brunel between 2004-07. In his final year, he was elected Student President, a role he held for two terms. He then went on to study at Sussex University, achieving a Masters in Geopolitics and Grand Strategy in 2010.


Peter Smallwood

Peter was elected to our Trustee Board in July, 2019 and brings a wealth of campaigning knowledge to the Union from his experience in local government. Peter was in fact a Student Trustee in 2011 before becoming the Vice President for Academic Representation in 2012.


Katie Ross

Katie was elected to our Trustee Board in July, 2019. After being elected as a Officer and Trustee for Bedfordshire Student Union, she has gone on to work in Public Affairs and both Universities UK and WonkHE, a leading Higher Education UK ThinkTank.



Meeting Minutes Archive


If you're looking for the minutes for the Trustee Board since 2014, you can find them here.