Peri Sherif

Vice President – College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences



Phone: 01895 267603
Facebook: Brunel VP CEDPS
Peri is responsible for education and welfare issues across the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences and hopes to increase their engagement with the Students Union, as well as promoting union wide campaigns.

Hiya guys, it’s Peri! I’ve studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Brunel. I’m Egyptian, and have lived most my life in Alexandria, yet grew up and went to primary school in Uxbridge. During my time at Brunel I’ve been super involved with everything going on around campus - from being a Student Rep, being Chair of IFem Soc, being on the committee for the football club, and being an Active @ Brunel activator to going to almost every social event on campus.

I decided to run to be your VPCEDPS because I want to make every students’ experience within the college the best it can be and make all students around Brunel feel like they belong here.

I’m always around campus, so if you have any problems, questions feedback or just want to chat, come and find me in the Union offices. Don’t be shy to pop in in and say hello anytime!

My priorities for the coming year are:

1. Promoting Women in Leadership and Women in STEM

2. Ensuring Academic societies are more engaging and inclusive of all students across all departments

3. Making Engineering study spaces more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing

4. Monitoring the quality and timeliness of feedback from the college