Rachel Kerslake

Vice President – College of Health & Life Sciences

About the Role

My remit is based around the academic and welfare needs of the students in CHLS and LBIC but ultimately I’m here for all students at Brunel.


What did/do you study?

Biomedical Science


When do/did you graduate?



Were you a member of any Clubs or Societies?

Brunel Links, Biomed Soc and Labour society


What previous role(s) have you held in the Union?

Supervisor at Loco’s


Fun fact about you...

I talk so much I sometimes forget to breathe



Running and Netflix... But mostly Netflix


Who's your role model?

Emma Watson


What is your greatest achievement so far?

Signing up to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in August for Charity




Contact Me

Email: vp.chls@brunel.ac.uk

Phone: 01895 266623

Facebook: Brunel VP CHLS

Twitter: @UBSVP_CHLS