Maria Valada

Vice President – College of Health & Life Sciences




Phone: 01895 266623
Facebook: Brunel VP CHLS
Maria promotes student education and welfare for the College of Health and Life Sciences, as well as championing the views of all of the students within the college. She is focused on enhancing the engagement of students within the college.


I’m Maria, I’m 21 and currently doing this as my placement as part of my Biomedical Sciences degree. I am Portuguese, and I can speak 3 languages (and I’m trying to learn another). I moved to England four years ago, from a small town in the heart of Portugal, called Cartaxo. Studying at a London University was a big dream for me, and during my two years at Brunel, I have been part of Brunel Tennis, and last year I became the secretary of the Portuguese society as well. This was my first interaction with the Union, and it showed me how important it is to get involved on campus!

I have embraced the amazing opportunity that is being your Vice President for the College of Health and Life Sciences as a fun and interactive role, where I am to engage with and improve the social and academic life of students. As a PAL leader, I am focused in student engagement and peer support systems and am very passionate about increasing the awareness of the services we offer within the college.

As the smallest college, it is our job to shine the brightest!

You can email me with any queries you may have, or if you prefer, feel free to come down to the union and meet me in my office.

My priorities for the coming year are:

1. Creating more Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness activities and peer support systems;

2. Improve the feedback system from academics, for a more direct and effective evaluation;

3. Focus on sexual health and education, including STI’s/STD’s preventions campaigns;

4. Enhance the work of the student reps and stimulate their contribution to the college;

5. Create student campaigns with the local community to promote women in STEM and in leadership