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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Do Student Reps Do?
A: Student Reps gather positive and negative feedback, about the Academic Experience here at Brunel, from the students that they represent, either all the students on a course or in a department. They then communicate that back to the University, often with recommendations for change.


Q: What Roles Are Available?
A: If you're an undergrad (UG) or postgraduate taught (PGT) student then you can run to be a Course Rep and/or Department Rep and if you're a Postgraduate Research (PGR) then you can be a Student Rep for a department.


Q: So, Postgraduate Students become a Student Rep?
A: Yes!


Q: And when are all these roles elected?
A: Level One's, PGT's and PGR's are elected in the Autumn and Level Two's and Level Three's are elected in the Summer Elections. 

We also run all posts that are vacant because no students ran for them in previous elections.


Q: What training is available?
A: We run an "Introduction to Student Reps" training session for all Student Reps which covers everything that you need to know to be a Student Rep.


Q: Does being a Student Rep go on my HEAR?
A: Yes, your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) will be updated through E-Vision every year and when you graduate, you'll be able to use the nationally accredited document to show your time as a Student Rep.


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