How do I become a Rep?

For first year undergraduate and postgraduate students, Rep elections will be taking place in lectures during week 2 of the academic year. As always, Reps who are elected stay in post for a two-year term. By- elections will also be taking place during week 2 for all other vacant positions.



Elections to be a Rep for your third year of study currently take place at the end of your second year. When these elections come up, you will be informed by your lecturer and the Student’s Union.



Elections for Doctoral Researcher Reps take place intermittently, as and when posts become vacant; when a Doctoral Researcher Rep has been in post for a full 2-year term or leaves the University.



What do student Reps do?

Course Reps and Doctoral Researcher Reps gather positive and negative feedback, about the Academic Experience here at Brunel, from the students on their Course or in their Department. They then communicate that back to academics, and the Student's Union, often with recommendations for change.