How do I become a Rep?


Elections for Level 4, Level 6 and Postgraduate Taught (PGT) students take place at the start of the academic year. Those elected at the start of their Level 4 studies remain in post until the end of Level 5. Similarly, those elected at the start of their PGT degree remain in post for up to 2 years dependant on the duration of their programme.


Elections for Postgraduate Researcher Reps take place intermittently, as and when posts become vacant; when a Postgraduate Researcher Rep has been in post for a full 2-year term or leaves the University.



What do Student Reps do?


Course Reps and Postgraduate Researcher Reps collect feedback from their cohort and then represent that to the relevant academic and professional support staff or in their Department. They work cooperatively with academics in order to improve education and the student experience here at Brunel.