Green Party

We are the Brunel Green Party Society, a newly formed society sharing Environmental and left-wing economic views and representing the Green Party here at Brunel.


Founded on the 26th March 2019, we're a new society which seeks to educate and share our thoughts on green policies and political news, work and network with green councillors/members and the local community, to+ raise awareness for climate change and sustainable living. Join us for activities such as;

- Meet-ups: To discuss and educate ourselves on party politics, lowering our environmental impact and green awareness from Climate Change to HS2. Movie nights, food nights and creative sessions to raise awareness are planned as well as hearing from guest speakers from the Greens and other groups.

- Community Events: We have a close relationship with the Hillingdon and wider Green Party and wish to provide support at events, protests, elections and meet-ups. Litter-picking and flower planting are also keen interests.

- Online presence: This group and the related page can be used as a hub to gain and share information on green activity such as; climate change, zero waste help, political news and other knowledge.


Club and Society Elections 2018


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Green Party Society Social
19th September 4pm - 5pm
Lecture Centre 062
Info-Social Event. Come talk to like-minded people and see what we have planned for the year. There will also be some refreshments.