Bio Sciences




Not a study group or an academic club.

Welcoming ppl with drive and curiosity. REGARDLESS of your scientific stance.


Are you hungry for knowledge with a side of zhuzh?

Do you like feeling smart?

Want to casually impress you parents? 

Try joining US. Learn without studying, make friends while praising science.

We are running Journal Clubs every two weeks at 7pm on Thursdays. Start date: pending.


Our Freshers 2020 Meet&Greet:

Tuesday 22nd September at 11am

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Meeting ID: 978 3741 7077

Passcode: 2127408798


Let's create a warm, fun and encouraging environment to chat about something we are all passionate about.


Stay tuned for updates and join our social media for that sweet sweet little science-y sass we need in our life.


The only mandatory belief here is SCIENCE IS AWESOME!

See y'all :)




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