For Biriyani (and other desi food); bollywood film or music; and those who want to explore desi culture.


Desi society aims to unite all South Asian societies together to have mega-fun and embrace our Desi culture. This aligns from going to typical Desi places such as Wembley and Southall where we intend to enjoy our desi food such as Biryani and butter chicken. We also plan to go watch Bollywood films or plan Bollywood movie nights, whether it be Veer Di Wedding or a classic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge film! This is just a small trailer of what we are intending to do. We aim to unite all South Asian societies internally in Brunel and externally with other universities. More information will be updated soon on our social media pages, so stay tuned and make sure to follow!

Our main aims as a society are:
- To provide support to other South Asian societies and collaborate with them
- To promote strong friendships between south Asian socieites and their members
- To create extreme fun events such as Sporting Events, Desi week, Project Dance Bollywood, and Jashn Ball.
- To promote Brunel as a desi society towards other universities and perhaps collaborating with other Indian socieities from different universities, therefore widening the chance of always meeting new people

What Type of events do we hold

The type of events that we hold are: -
- Jashn Ball
- Desi Week (A week dedicated to being freshies for banter)
- Sporting events
- And many much more

If you guys wish to follow us on:
- Instagram: desisatbrunel
We look forward to you joining our society so we can have fun the desi way!




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