A social community of creatives focused on developing and enjoying design.



Hi! We are the Design Society, a welcoming community for anyone interested in design.


We strongly encourage design students and staff to get involved, as well as any other subject area or individual within the College of Design, Engineering and Physical Sciences (CDEPS) and the University as a whole.


We aim to create an enjoyable space for those that want to build upon their skills, whether it be sketching, graphics or networking! We can also be a helping hand for any module submission, and not to mention a group of great people to have a laugh with on a night out.


If you’re looking for some adventure in Fresher’s Week, then be sure to join us on a visit to the Design Festival based in and around Central London! We intend to hold a huge Christmas Ball for all society members and staff of the department! We are notorious for our end of year boat party on the River Thames! And last but certainly not least, we work alongside Made in Brunel for events throughout the year to ensure that you, a valuable member of the society, have fun getting to know everyone and what the Department of Design at Brunel has to offer!




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