We simply guide students at Brunel towards financial freedom. By developing an awareness of financial markets (FX, Crypto, Commodities, Equities). We run weekly seminars, 1-1 mentoring and more.

The aim of the society shall be to first and foremost:

Provide trading education and knowledge to students on campus who have an interest in learning how the trade in the Foreign Exchange Markets; and with the ambition to take part in other markets like Equities, Commodities, and Cryptocurrency. Many of the members in the society have already been trading and discovered the potential in learning this skill. We wish to educate all of those who have heard of trading in some form or another, and to guide those who are interested or even still skeptical.

We will take members through basic education to advanced, even to the extent where you will discover easily available career opportunities within the world of investing and the financial markets. We do this by going over all the necessary Technical, Fundamental and Risk analysis required to become a successful trader from the comfort of your own bed.

To promote a culture of good money management skills, budgeting, tax knowledge, business and promote the culture of entrepreneurship. Finally, to be a motivating family of students with one vision, goal and purpose to reach their goals and believe they can achieve anything the set their minds to.

The objectives of the Society shall be:

-  To hold weekly seminars led by active student traders, and external professionals, to provide the opportunity for students to develop the skills mentioned above.

- To create a growing network of ambitious, talented, hardworking students, which skills, and knowledge in professions that can help others succeed in what they want to do. The network will allow students to encounter one another and find likeminded individuals on campus to support their business/ entrepreneurial/ career aspirations.

- To create a culture and family on campus that support one another in anything they do, whether it be issues with finance, mindset, trading and business.





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